Zoon Minimal Intro

Manufacturing Solutions

Contract Services provided for both human use products and for pet care products. Products for Personal Care, Infection Control, Cosmetics, Hygiene, Dental Care. Also Pet-care (companion animal) products, health supplements grooming etc

1.Manufacturing; Formats;- Liquids, (including flammables), creams, lotions, gels, pastes

2.Packing; Mainly into bottles, jars, plastic and laminated tubes, (NB aluminium tubes please ask), occasionally pouches. Mini single dose tubes.

3.Certifications; GMP licenced and ISO certified – 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016 (Medical Devices).

4.Laboratory; QC facilities including HPLC analysis service. QP services available as required.

5.Capacities; Typical runs sizes; Minimum 5000 Average 10,000 -20,000 units

6.Specials; Flammables, hot filling. Special items - please ask

Our Aims

  • To give great customer service, before during and after production - to achieve this is not always simple.
  • To listen - we believe that initial customer help to provide information of their needs is paramount to help us target their needs in detail.
  • Our company employees are essential to attain the end result for the customer – “teams work” – and we aim to make sure our staff understand your wants and needs.
  • Our core values – honesty, integrity, and the provision of key service indicators and to respect our social responsiblities.
  • A real understanding of your requirements is vital to enable us to provide you with great service.
  • Our target is to take action and create a system and knowledge base which will enable us to create real value for our customers.

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13485 9001

Windmill Works, Kelleythorpe Industrial Estate, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 9DJ. Tel 01377 232110, For information please call us or email; enquiries@btsl.uk.com – thank you.